FMHS Undergraduate Programmes


UNIMAS offers a medical education system that is progressive and comparable to the medical education programmes offered in the medical faculties of advanced countries.

Medical education today requires medical students who are critical of their own learning processes. They should be able to seek knowledge of their own accord, evaluate medical problems in great detail and seek solutions to the challenges that they encounter. They are expected to be able to communicate effectively and to manage issues related to medicine and the health of the community. These characteristics are not fostered fully in most current medical educational systems, many of which emphasise passive learning approaches. However, the medical education approaches to teaching and learning employed by this Faculty offer medical students opportunities to develop their potential and creativity and to make full use of these capabilities. These approaches require students who are confident that the medical profession is their best choice.

Programme Objectives

The undergraduate medical programme is planned to meet the needs of the nation and the current needs of the profession. It takes into account changes that are happening in various medical disciplines. Teaching-learning experiences are arranged such that they fulfil the demands of the local professional body in terms of medical functions and roles. Each learning experience is constructed in such a way that there is an appropriate balance and integration between basic needs for scientific knowledge and the needs of competent clinical practice.

On successful completion of the programme, candidates should possess the ability to

  • Provide efficient and total health management to patients.
  • Contribute and participate actively in community health programmes.
  • Practice medicine, throughout their career, in a humanitarian, ethical, moral and cost-effective manner.
  • Serve in a self-reliant manner as well as collaborating with other professional colleagues with loyalty and a strong sense of team spirit.
  • Learn from experience and adapt to change, as an integral part of the process of self-learning to improve performance.