Rehabilitation Centre

Behavioural Modification Intervention and Motivational Interviewing Technique of Intervention


This research interest group focusses on the use of Motivational Interviewing Technique on smoking (cigarette & vape) behavioural modification intervention specifically among children, teenager and adult. One recent ongoing project is the Break Free, Be Healthy among secondary school student, and one-to-one Motivational Interviewing Intervention among volunteer within UNIMAS. Another recent project is developing a community-based intervention programme using Capacity Building, Environmental Management & Community Engagement (C.E.C.) Model as a problem-solving model for dengue problem in one locality in Samarahan Area (Funded by Knowledge Transfer Programme Grant, KPT).

Community Based Rehabilitation


This research interest group focuses on elderly group (aged 55 -60 & 60 and above), assessing their physical activity, fitness, awareness of elderly exercise and prevention of fall. The aims of the programme is to maintain the physical activity tends to independently & actively participate in their daily live. Currently, there is ongoing research on the topic of "A Study on The Fitness Of The Elderly Of Kampung Mang Tradisi And Kampung Tambay" conducted by elective research group.

Skin Cancer


This research interest group focuses on study assessing skin cancer awareness, knowledge and risk of this population, and their preventive care on skin cancers. There is one ongoing research project funded by Special MyRA Assessment Funding (UNIMAS) conducted among UNIMAS staff from different nature of work.